Title: Artadalia

By: Nabil Hasan & Ashli Sartorelli

The Goal for the Final Project

For this project, we selected the first option, “make something” a project showing connectedness and belonging to the Webster community through a painting and a short video. When Nabil and I chose a subject to paint and a message to communicate, the project took shape. Our friendship started in our first year of University at Webster, and we had commented on how international our community is in addition to the feeling of belonging. We then decided to combine Nabil’s artistic skills for a final result of the painting and Ashli’s media skills to document the process with the intention of having the viewer feel like they are also part of the creation. 

Incorporating something that was learned from the ARHS 1050 60 SP 2022 Art Appreciation class was another goal we had in mind. A painting technique that inspired us was dribbling paint which learned through researching Jackson Pollock’s career and techniques in further depth. Jackson Pollock worked on much bigger canvases yet in our case his approach worked perfectly using a more abstract technique rather than a realistic technique. 

Furthermore, the music selection for this video is by one of our friends, Youssef Negm known as Mido Roseau. We wanted to show our support as he is slowly building his music career and once again, our goal was to show a sense of community. This is our Webster University Geneva community!

Check out his Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdL_3_ttx5rHU24AeMloEjA