Formerly Constantinople, Istanbul is a city of beauty, culture, and grace. Webster Geneva offers a unique class trip where students travel to this famous city. A gem located between Europe and Asia, it truly earns the title of “Crossroad of the World”.

The city has a long history of conquests and the legacy of past empires, emblematic of a world constantly at change. It is a place that combines eastern traditions and western customs. The Topkapi palace, for example, gives a glimpse of the lives and lavishness of the rulers of the Ottoman empire. The iconic Hagia Sophia began its existence as an Orthodox Cathedral, then transformed to a church during the Ottoman Empire. It is the mixture of cultures present in the city of Istanbul that can create hope for peace between different religions. 

Students that decide to take this class can expect to find their eyes opened to the diversity of the world as a whole, and the potential for beauty that can come from different cultures to push humanity into a better future.

Topkapi Palace

Hagia Sophia