Memories help us become the people we are today. Memories take many forms, but all come together as an individual applies significance to them. The idea for this gallery was to collect and showcase the items that helped form some of the students in the Webster Geneva community, and show the world a piece of their inner workings.

“This necklace was a graduation and ‘welcome to the real world’ gift by my parents two years ago.”


“This sweatshirt is one of the oldest things I own. After my family moved to England, my grandfather bought it. After he passed away it became mine and has since shrunk enough to fit me. It is now about 15 years old and every time I wear it I am reminded of England and of my family.” 


“A ring and a bracelet, each given to me by my two best friends. They carry a lot of emotional weight because to me they are almost like symbols of our friendship.” 


“My guitar is super important to me. I’ve embarrassed myself countless times at open mics and jam nights, and nobody knows. Only the guitar knows these secrets. The guitar would blackmail me if it could. That’s why I keep her close.”


“The most significant object for me would be the bracelet that was made and gifted to me by my boyfriend the first time that we met and I rarely take it off. Representing a snake, he wears a matching style, with a ram instead, and this was the first gift that he gave me in person.” 


“My necklace holds great sentimental value as it was given to me by my mother. It has been with me for over 18 years and it is a reminder to stay strong, be happy, and to never give up. Most importantly, it shows me that whichever path I choose in life, my mother is with me every step of the way.” 


“Out of all her grandchildren, my grandmother chose to give me this ring. She gave it to me to show how important I am to her.”


“This ring was a gift from my grandmother. It is significant to her, and therefore to me, because jade is an important symbol in Vietnamese culture, meant to bring peace and protect from misfortune. To me, it represents family–their well-being, health, and happiness.”