Ready, Set, Leave Home: Tips for Living Alone

by | Nov 28, 2017

By Aliaa ElSherbini

It’s exciting, but quite scary, to move out from your parents’ house to go to college and live alone. So much freedom, so little money … and many new experiences ahead. Whether you moved into the university’s dorms or got a studio, here are some tips to help you adjust to living alone:

Don’t go spending all your money at the beginning of the month. (You will starve by the end of the month.)

Don’t lose/forget/break your room or apartment key or you will sleep on the street!

Give a spare key to one of your friends—just in case.

If you’re getting an apartment by yourself, get a small one. You won’t have the energy to clean it. No, you won’t. Don’t ght this.

For a quick meal, boil your pasta in the kettle, and then put it in a bowl with some canned tomato sauce and, voila! An easy, filling dish.

Your alarm is going to be your new best friend. So learn to accept it.

Don’t pile up your dirty laundry. Mommy isn’t here to wash it for you, and you won’t nd anything clean to wear by the end of the month.

It’s okay to come in the sweatpants and hoodies that you’ve already worn “twice” this week. We won’t judge—life is hard. We get it.(Still, do your laundry!)

Try to clean your living space as much as you can. No one will find a week old pasta bowl and clothes on the floor attractive.

Go treat yourself to a good meal at a nice restaurant every once in a while. You deserve it.

Have the phone numbers of the police, hospital, fire department, and (most importantly) pizza places written down somewhere in case of an emergency. Better safe than sorry.

Find humor in the failures and obstacles you might face.

Don’t get too distracted by your social life and forget to study. Study well and do your homework in advance.

It’s okay to miss home.

All set now? Don’t be worried. You’re going to have a blast!