A practice, behavior, or habit generally considered wrong or taboo in a society.

A fault, negative character trait, or bad and unhealthy habits.

            For my vices project I decided to portray common and often overlooked vices in everyday life. The series follows what could be considered “a day in the life” of anyone, rather than a specific person. Some of the vices apply to me, some do not, but they are all devices or activities that are considered socially acceptable and yet they have negative effects.

The photos go from bed to bed, from waking up to falling asleep. Each photo has a linking element to the photo prior to show that they are happening in order and one vice often leads to others. The linking element changes in each photo but it’s everything from a phone, to wine glasses, and lipstick on the cigarette. They are hopefully noticeable but not where the eye goes first and maybe even require a second look.

Most of the vices are self explanatory, but religion slightly less so. From my perspective religion is meant to be a good thing but people often miss-interpret and miss-quote scripture to justify bad behaviors such as homophobia.