Our Team

Meet the team of students creating Webster Geneva’s online magazine for 2020
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Caitlyn Fish

Editor in Chief

Hey! I’m Fish and I’m from New Hampshire, in the US. I moved to Switzerland two years ago and am now a junior at Webster Geneva. I’m studying Photography as well as Media Studies and Journalism.
Email: caitlyn22fish@gmail.com

Anna Shmatovich

Managing Editor

Привет, I’m Anna Shmatovich. I am doing a Media Communication Major and a Marketing Certificate. Coming from Russia I have lived in Switzerland for 8 years.

Zeke Medina


Hey there, I’m Zeke Medina. Born in Virginia and moved later to Florida, I decided to chase a Computer Science degree across the ocean in Geneva, Switzerland. When not helping with the school magazine, I also work as an IT Assistant, Assistant Resident Coordinator and even run a small weekly games club.

Dominik Wachter

Showcase Coordinator

Grüezi! My name is Dominik. I grew up and lived in Switzerland for 15 years, followed by 4 years in Thailand. I am studying Psychology, with a minor in Media Communications. I also have a work-study position as the assistant to the Media department here at Webster.

Claire Vasiloglou

Photo Editor

Wassup, I’m Claire, a Webster Geneva sophomore and I come from Greece. I am working towards a Psychology major, a Media Communications minor, and a Photojournalism certificate.

John Vilhelm Schnell

Copy Editor

Hey! My name is John Vilhelm and I grew up in Switzerland. I’m studying International Relations.