This is a short Experimental Film I have created with the intention of learning better how to edit videos. I wanted a creation that made no sense yet was entertaining at the same time. My base video is the video of me sitting in the shower. Once I had my base, the sky was the limit and I had the opportunity to experiment with all types of effects. Creating the song was an interesting process too as the video does not truly have a storyline, I felt that the music didn’t have to either. For this reason, there are about four different types of rhythms which are all timed when a new effect or transition occurs. Aside from two videos that were taken during the time I shot the base of the movie, the other overlayed videos come from footage that I previously had. It was not easy to select pre-existing footage that could work and fit properly with the videos I already had.

Overall, I accomplished my goal and I was able to integrate: transitions, text, color, black and white footage, filters, music, special effects, overlays, slow motion, fast speed, and more. It was an extremely and exciting process and I would love to make something similar again.

I hope you enjoy it!

The Book

The Book

The Book,  a short experimental film by Ashli Sartorelli, created as a 5×5 for an introductory level film class.

It represents the process of picking a book in an artistic way, using natural sound and a variety of shots.

How To Lose a “Lover” In 10 Days

How To Lose a “Lover” In 10 Days

How To: Lose a ‘Lover’ in 10 days

Halloween Edition

Life gets complicated easily, one might say. It might be friend group drama or family affairs, but it never gets easy with romance. 

We’re all searching for that special someone, but love isn’t always a two-way street. Nobody enjoys breakups or particularly hurting others. Hence, the solution is simple…

Get them to break up with you.

On Halloween though, we scare them away.


LochMess Monster

Here’s an idea. Show up soaking wet to a date and pretend nothing ever happened, in fact you have no idea what they’re talking about. But don’t stop at that… Go to sleep covered in fake blood, go to church covered in dirt, show up at the Gym covered in slime and most importantly DENY EVERYTHING and DON’T LAUGH. They’re bound to break it off, unless they just send you straight to a mental facility.

Cancel them like Pluto

Bore them to death with astrology talk. And then spend their money on going to a psychic.

For some extra spice, pay your fortune teller to tell them you’re incompatible, and staying in this relationship will end in their slow and painful death.


What Rhymes With Witch?

Witches are all cool and fun, until they cast a curse on you. So, here’s some advice, go curse the hell out of them. Treat it like a therapy session, let your inner devil out to play on Halloween. Be crazy, throw things around, get mad, get excessively weird. 

Don’t stop until you hear the magic words, “I want to break up”.


Deep Dark Secret

Take a page out of any Agatha Christie novel and come up with your own dark, scary secret. Tailor it carefully to their fears. Maybe your last boyfriend died of suspicious circumstances, maybe you have chronic explosive diarrhea or maybe you’re ready to introduce them to your kids.

Midnight Madness

One way to get someone sick of you, is not letting them get any sleep and I don’t mean the sexy kind. I mean, yelling at the top of your voice every time they start to doze off. When faced with the inevitable confrontation, for a little extra creepiness, tell them you were dreaming of going Hannibal Lecter on them and that in fact, they tasted delicious.


My Anaconda Do

Adopt a pet they hate. A tarantula, a snake (tell them it’s poisonous), or a sphinx cat if that’s what it takes. If they have allergies, even better; use it to your advantage.

I’d rather have a pet than a boyfriend anyway.


Boils and Bubbles

YouTube is a click away. Find the most disgusting Halloween makeup tutorial and get yucky with it. Just imagine the end result, oozing with unfamiliar, stinky fluids. And oh no! I think it’s growing!!! 

Be sure to tell them it’s contagious. 


Can’t grow hair out in a day like a yeti, that’s ok. Just shave it all off, eyebrows included. Let that spooky moonlight reflect of your smooth, bald head. 

And if they still love you, maybe they’re worth another chance.


Ghost Them

This one is a keeper; too bad they aren’t. You could just block them on all your social media and avoid any places you have in common. 


Disappear, and make all your friends tell them you died 10 years ago.


Fake Your Own Death

Although, I can’t really guide you through this one, keep in mind it works for tax evasion too.

Sherlock Holmes did it, so it can’t be that hard. Just make sure it’s a closed casket funeral. 


So here are 10 ways you might scare a lover away. If they don’t work, call me, I’ll help you bury their body.

Nonetheless, try to be kind. I’m sure their greatest Halloween fear is losing you.

I would like to end this piece with a last remark. I will not be held accountable for any disasters that may come from reading this article. Please be careful with the advice I have given and keep in mind that the consequences of your actions might end up haunting you.

Happy Halloween.

My Sweet Nalu

My Sweet Nalu

When I was ten years old, my family and I decided to get a dog and called him Nalu. We chose the Hawaiian name Nalu because when naming him there had been a tsunami on one of the Hawaiian islands, and in Hawaiian it means; ocean wave. My parents met in Hawaii which is why this name is even more important to me since they are no longer together. Nalu was born in 2010 making him ten years old now. He is a Golden Retriever and Labrador mixed breed and currently lives with my mom in Lugano. Because of the coronavirus, I’m now back in my home and have gotten to spend a lot of time with him. Having grown up together, he lets me do absolutely anything to him whether it’s squishing his face or constantly playing with his soft ears. He also understands English and Italian just like me, he is very obedient and smiles daily. Whenever we go for walks, he always looks back to check on me making sure I’m still following him. Three years ago my mom and I decided to get him a companion so that when we are away for the whole entire day he has someone to keep him company. We got a rescue dog and called her Abby. They are now inseparable just like Nalu and I because of our amazing relationship. On April 14th, for the first time in my life, Nalu scared my mom and I.


At around three on that Tuesday afternoon, I was sitting in my room doing homework, I was in my room doing homework. Suddenly! Nalu came through the garden door into my room panting heavily. Nalu’s troubled breathing, and painfull retching, shook his entire body to the point of barely standing. As I stood there watching him in worry, a tear fell down his right eye, something I’d never seen before. Nalu had been eating a lot of grass, which we thought was good for him at the time because when a dog eats grass it helps them to relieve whatever is bothering their stomach by vomiting. Apparently, all the grass he had been eating made him feel worse. This stopped and started for about forty minutes. At that point, we brought him to the veterinarian, worried that this would happen again later that night.

It was still a scary experience when we got to the veterinarian. Because of the coronavirus, there are extremely strict rules such as waiting outside the studio and not being allowed to enter the room with our own dog. Nalu has never liked going to the veterinarian, whenever we go we have to put a muzzle on and have two people hold him down so that the veterinarian can check him. For the first time in our life, we had to give the dog to them and hope for the best. Unfortunately, they did not know what could have caused the problem. The veterinarian said it could have been a type of colic.

This eye-opening experience made me realize how important Nalu has become to me. When this event happened I was frightened that I was going to lose him forever. Seeing my dog not being able to breathe and myself not being able to do anything sent me into shock. I reflected on this entire event and it made me realize how many things we take for granted each day. It is easy for us to become self-absorbed and forget about what we truly admire, love, and appreciate. Nalu has been part of my life ever since I was nine years old, he truly scared me the other day especially because I never witnessed something like this before. It was as if he were trying to ask me for help and wanted me to do something but I couldn’t do anything at all. People have always told me that the loss of a dog is like the loss of a person. I never understood what that truly meant until this incident occurred, when just the thought of losing him created a sense of emptiness inside myself.

Overall, as scary as this experience was, reflecting on the aftermath of the event taught me a valuable lesson. Taking everything day by day and acknowledging who and what has an important role in your life will make you feel better when an experience like this occurs.

Fire & Water

Fire & Water

This short film focuses on two elements, water, and fire. My objective was to use these elements and have a dancer represent them. I wanted to give a sense of serenity and peacefulness throughout this video which is seen through the combination of the dancer and the elements. This was an experimental film I really enjoyed shooting because it allowed me to expand my knowledge of editing videos. By the end of the creation of this short film, I was able to truly understand how to use overlaying videos, transitions, selecting copyright free music and how to create scenes with complete darkness in the background.