Zooming Along on a Zenith – Pure Deluxe III

by | Oct 6, 2017


There’s been a boom in electric bike popularity in the past couple of years. In the past, they were a novel luxury, ridden only by early adopters who would rather have that than a normal motorbike or scooter. Although now with re nement of the bike’s technology, greater number of manufacturers, range of models, lower prices have all added more to this boom.

Firstly, the PURE DeLuxe III (PDIII) by Zenith Bikes is one such model. In a little over three weeks, the PDIII has performed to a level far surpassing my expectations. It’s titanium frame, weighing 26 kilos makes it robust, yet possible to carry even for a weakling like me. Lights come standard, increasing visibility and reducing risk on the road. The seat is well- padded, preventing soreness from prolonged use, and the bike comes with six levels of gears.

Secondly, the bike’s wheels are 28 inches in diameter, and the tires are certainly not tailored for the great outdoors, but still thick

and grooved enough to maintain a rm grip on the road. Also to manage crossing rougher terrain suchasgravel.Ipersonallydonot recommenddoingsoonaregular basis, for fear of excessively wearing down the rubber. One might even cause damage to the chain and traction mechanisms. This bike is very much geared towards urban traversal, and not for off-road.

Thirdly, we get to the icing on the cake, the tire’s large size allow the bike to chew through distance easier. However what really makes this beauty an upgrade from regular bikes, as well as a practical, enjoyable alternative to motor vehicles is its electrical assistance system.

Fourthly, its powered by a rechargeable Panasonic lithium- ion battery, secured in the rear underneath the basket, the bike’s “motor” has ve levels for the degree of assistance. Controlled and adjusted from the handle-mounted microcomputer, these range from zero, no assistance, to ve, making the climb of inclines and the passage of long at stretches a literal breeze.

The rider still has to pedal, as the system merely assists, and cannot push the bike forward on it’s own. Although it still makes previously dif cult obstacles manageable, and thus encouraging continued and continually eased use. The battery can last for a long length of time, a single charge allowing for approximately 80 kilometers, depending on the level of assistance during the trip.

In my experience, the trip between my home and Webster is ve and a half kilometers, which takes me 15 minutes. This, by the way, is three times faster than taking public transport. Accounting for return trips, it lasts me practically the whole week. Helpfully, both the micro-computer and the battery have a display that tells you exactly what level of charge you have remaining.

I got the PURE to help me get around easier and get in shape. It has succeeded in both those regards, and I can only nd myself as one more rider added to the growth tide of the electric bike wave.