Almost Someone – 5 by 5

by | Mar 29, 2022

Almost Someone

I am taking FTVP 3150, the video class for the Tuscany trip. Before going to Tuscany during the spring break, I had to complete a few introductory assignments. I knew practically nothing about video and film making, so I learned basic shots and angles. Later I started using these basic shots and exploring themes for a video project. The assignment consisted of telling a story on a particular theme using five shots of five seconds, a type of video called 5 by 5.

I wanted to explore the theme of mannequins and statues. I find mannequins and statues quite interesting, there is an eeriness to them that I find is worth exploring. I believe it is fascinating how we attribute emotions and feelings to inanimate objects. I am curious to see people’s interpretations of what these mannequins might feel and the stories people build around them. I decided to film the mannequins through windows to evoke feelings of loneliness, confinement, and more specifically the feeling of longing to be human like the people who walk past them every day. Note that all the shots were taken in Geneva using my smartphone.