Al Balad

Al Balad

Hi, My name is Renad Mumenh. I’m a student  at Webster University Geneva. I am currently stuck in my home country – Saudi Arabia, so I decided to walk around my town Jeddah and visit the historical locations, where my ancestors lived.

The historic center of Jeddah,  Al-Balad, which translates ” The Town,” was built in the 7th century. While the historic city walls of Al-Balad fell in the 19th century, it still holds its unique architecture and beauty to this day; people still live there.

“People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them.”

James Baldwin

“Life is like a box of crayons.”

John Mayer

”The door is always wide open.”

Luis Buñuel

“Each building has its own story to tell.”

Renzo Piano’

 ”Buildings help us understand the world we used to live in.”


“Yesterday it was a history, tomorrow it's a mystery.”

“Yesterday it was a history, tomorrow its a mystery.”

 Bill Keane

“Usually, I like to live in the moment. But right now, I’m enjoying the past.”


Online Learning

Online Learning

Online learning has been a difficult transition. Many students have found online learning challenging change from being physically present at school to studying virtually. But how do our professors feel?

COVID-19 Art Gallery

COVID-19 Art Gallery

The pandemic that we are all experiencing is a frightening and life-changing event. It’s one of those stories that we will pass down to our grandchildren that will be part of our history.

The showcase’s idea is students, professors, and kids draw their perception of COVID-19 to show the difference between adults’ and children’s thinking during those difficult times and their “perception” of COVID-19.

Caitlyn Fish

Age: 20

Tim Young


Julianna Sandholm-Bark

Age: Ageless

Alexander Sandholm

Age: 5

Dominik Wachter

Age: 21

Fatma Rashad

Age: 47

Haya Damnhouri

Age: 10

Sarah Moumenh

Age: 10

Peter Carson

Age: 56

Emmet Carson

Age: 8