This is a short Experimental Film I have created with the intention of learning better how to edit videos. I wanted a creation that made no sense yet was entertaining at the same time. My base video is the video of me sitting in the shower. Once I had my base, the sky was the limit and I had the opportunity to experiment with all types of effects. Creating the song was an interesting process too as the video does not truly have a storyline, I felt that the music didn’t have to either. For this reason, there are about four different types of rhythms which are all timed when a new effect or transition occurs. Aside from two videos that were taken during the time I shot the base of the movie, the other overlayed videos come from footage that I previously had. It was not easy to select pre-existing footage that could work and fit properly with the videos I already had.

Overall, I accomplished my goal and I was able to integrate: transitions, text, color, black and white footage, filters, music, special effects, overlays, slow motion, fast speed, and more. It was an extremely and exciting process and I would love to make something similar again.

I hope you enjoy it!