Road Trippin’ to Interlaken

by | Nov 4, 2021

During this year’s March photo trip we had the opportunity to visit Interlaken and explore the mystical beauty of the city. Upon our arrival, we unloaded all of the equipment necessary to photograph our eight-by-ten negatives and slowly cruised around the city to find our first shooting location of the day.

Our first setting was in front of the Interlaken Casinò where Camilla and David took their photographs, featuring a bronze statue of an Indian film director and Interlaken’s honorary ambassador, Yash Chopra, who shot many movies in Switzerland.

Further, along with our exploration of the city, we stumbled upon a charming main street, where we took advantage of recently opened stores post-Covid lockdown. It didn’t take long to lose track of the students, roaming the shops was a much-appreciated distraction. Alessandra and I then found our shooting location along the river; the water looked clean and powerful, contrasting with the stable mountains and lazy sky to produce a symphony of the three elements; water, earth, and air. It took approximately 30 minutes to take the shots, whilst we were photographing, others were admiring Interlaken’s unique taste in architecture. By the time we were done, everyone was eager to return to our chalet and dig into the wonderful barbeque awaiting our arrival.