When presented with the question of whether or not one wishes to live alone or with others, the answers were practically unanimous. Some people enjoy having their own room to themselves, but most prefer to live with others. There are 10 people who answered the survey on the topic of “Do you prefer having a roommate or to have the room all to yourself?”

The chart below shows the result of their answers:

Almost all of them thought that it’s better to have someone to live with, except for one. People who prefer having a roommate say it is better for the same reason—there is someone to talk to. However, this reason is only limited to people outside their family. “I have shared a room with my siblings, and I hate that; but I’m fine to live with someone in college.”—Alexa Blandeburgo. “I shared a room with my brother, and we just hate each other.”—Maya. Most people enjoy sharing a room with others, but all agree that they need their own private space. The ideal living style is to have a common area like a living room or a kitchen and a private bedroom. 

Although there are benefits of having a roommate, there are people who prefer having a room to themselves. Quinn May is one of those who says, “I can meet my friends in class or on campus, but when I’m back I just want to have my own space.” Not to live with someone does not mean that they don’t like meeting people, they just need a quiet space and spend some time alone. “I am glad to have friends over, but I don’t want to deal with other people’s mess living together. I don’t need someone to talk to 24/7.”—Quinn May. 

There is no right answer for the question, everyone has their own preference. Here’s a video with some of the interviewees: